OSR Class Shaker v2

Two important events have happened since the original post: Knock! issue 2 was published, and the first non-kickstarter-exclusive issue of Necrotic Gnome’s Carcass Crawl magazine was released. Both are treasure troves of old school goodness, and both offer some quite fun new classes. Thus, time to update the table. Sundry classes from various other sources also added.

The class shaker “rules” are simple: Roll five times for which classes are available at the beginning, and two times for classes that can be unlocked for PC’s through adventure. Build a capsule setting from that.

Class: Mysterious Badass. Art and copyright by Conner Fawcett.

Big Nasty Table of Classes

Die Roll (1d8 and 1d6)ClassSource
1 / 1FighterOSE Classic Fantasy
1 / 2ClericOSE Classic Fantasy
1 / 3Magic-UserOSE Classic Fantasy
1 / 4ThiefOSE Classic Fantasy
1 / 5ElfOSE Classic Fantasy
1 / 6HalflingOSE Classic Fantasy
2 / 1DwarfOSE Classic Fantasy
2 / 2AcrobatOSE Advanced Fantasy
2 / 3AssassinOSE Advanced Fantasy
2 / 4BarbarianOSE Advanced Fantasy
2 / 5BardOSE Advanced Fantasy
2 / 6DrowOSE Advanced Fantasy
3 / 1DruidOSE Advanced Fantasy
3 / 2GnomeOSE Advanced Fantasy
3 / 3Half-OrcOSE Advanced Fantasy
3 / 4IllusionistOSE Advanced Fantasy
3 / 5KnightOSE Advanced Fantasy
3 / 6 PaladinOSE Advanced Fantasy
4 / 1RangerOSE Advanced Fantasy
4 / 2 Living HarnessKnock! #1
4 / 3Ne’er-do-wellKnock! #1
4 / 4Swarm LordKnock! #1
4 / 5AstromancerThe Crimson Pandect
4 / 6TheurgeThe Crimson Pandect
5 / 1Shakunasar/AzuThe Crimson Pandect
5 / 2DemonologistBrave the Labyrinth #4
5 / 3Beast MasterCarcass Crawler Inaugural Issue
5 / 4Chaos KnightCarcass Crawler Inaugural Issue
5 / 5MageCarcass Crawler Inaugural Issue
5 / 6MutoidCarcass Crawler Inaugural Issue
6 / 1MycelianCarcass Crawler Inaugural Issue
6 / 2WardenCarcass Crawler Inaugural Issue
6 / 3Cave DwarfSlumbering Ursine Dunes
6 / 4War-BearSlumbering Ursine Dunes
6 / 5Crab-ManYoon-Suin
6 / 6VowedRed Tide Campaign Sourcebook
7 / 1Errant FriarKnock! #2
7 / 2Bad BrownieKnock! #2
7 / 3GreyKnock! #2
7 / 4PlatypersonKnock! #2
7 / 5BeggarKnock! #2
7 / 6Prophet of RuinKnock! #2
8 / 1AcolyteCarcass Crawler #1
8 / 2GargantuaCarcass Crawler #1
8 / 3GoblinCarcass Crawler #1
8 / 4KineticistCarcass Crawler #1
8 / 5Monster HonchoScourge of the Scorn Lords
8 / 6MentalistScourge of the Scorn Lords

Results and Riffs

Roll 1

Core Classes: Barbarian, Half-Orc, Knight, Acrobat, Kineticist

Unlockable Classes: Illusionist, Druid

Not a single traditional spell-caster in the core classes! The kineticist is the OSE take on psions, so that does count for something. Strong Dark Sun vibes to this; I imagine a wasteland studded with proud city-states where knightly aristocracies reside, contemptuous of the tribes of the nomad tribes around them, with mercantile caravans / traveling circuses connecting these settlements. Unlocking druids probably involve purifying some defiled wilderness holy places, and illusionists require access to forbidden books kept under lock and key by the knights.

Roll 2

Core Classes: Ne’er-Do-Well, Halfling, Prophet of Ruin, Illusionist, Cleric

Unlockable Classes: Magic-User, Astromancer

I see a great and ruinous city, with a vast underbelly, half dungeon and half slums. Here, the prophets of ruin spread their word to a population with no faith in its future. Halfling households may be the greatest stand against despair in this part of the world. And deep inside the dungeons, below the earth, the brave can uncover the long-lost secrets of the true magic-users and the astromancers – if they dare.

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