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This a blog where I semi-regularly spout gaming-related thoughts, an assortment of half-baked or overcooked ideas, play material, session reports, stentorian ramblings and muse-aloud missives. It’s a love letter to the ramshackle creativity, inspiration and occasional madness that animates and informs our hobby-niche. It’s a tip of the hat to everything weird and wonderful. It’s my attempt to throw some stuff out there in the creative landscape and hopefully repay a fraction of the debt I owe so many inspiring and creative souls.

I hope you’ll find something useful here, or at least entertaining.

Latest from the Blog

Monsters from the Slush Pile

The last few weeks have been quite busy with moving and adjusting to a new life situation, leaving relatively little time for the blog. I intend for that to change soon, and continue the Thrasos posts. Until then, here are some OSR-style monsters from the slush pile, statted in a vaguely-OSE way. Their creation was […]

OSR Class Shaker

Beside the classic seven B/X classes, the creativity and enterprise of the OSR community has spawned a veritable ocean of classes, and with good reason: classes are fun, they can evocative and flavorful, and they are discreet pieces of rules strongly tied to a concept in the fiction of the world. Plus, classes are one […]

House War in Thrasos Campaign Seed, Part 1

Being a semi-coherent collection of ideas springing from the thought: What if the players right from the start got to be participants and decision-makers of Game of Thrones political-military faction/domain mess, while also leaving for OSR-style adventuring? Default rule system used is the excellent Worlds Without Number by Kevin Crawford; base ruleset is available for […]

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